Green Apple Ring

large green apple ring set with 153 green garnets in red and white gold

Rainbow Diamonds Ring

Collection of  coloured diamonds set in red gold

Fire red half sundust earrings

half sundust earrings set with two Burmese red spinels weighing 8.43 carats surrounded by 138 spinels in sterling sliver and red gold

baba ring

baba ring set with a 5.75 carat Square-shaped colombian emerald and diamond details in white gold

Sundust Earrings

Sundust earrings set with two orange tourmalines weighing 5.08 carats surrounded by 186 diamonds in sterling silver and red gold

Emerald Boule Ring

Boule ring set with colombian cabochon-shaped emeralds in grey gold

Wing Earrings

Wing earrings sapphires and Diamonds set  Grey Gold

Bohemian Ring

bohemian ring set with 13 old-cut pink spinels weighing 11.78 carats and diamonds in sterling silver and red gold

Pink Ring Band

Ring band set with old-cut pink sapphires set in red gold

pink boule ring

pink boule ring set with a cushion burmese spinel and surrounded by pink sapphires in white and red gold

Purple baba ring

baba ring set with a 6.49 carat purple sapphire and diamond set in white gold