The Story

For  Oriana  Melamed Sabrier  and  Candice Ophir, founders of Margaret Jewels, there’s a jewel at the heart of every fairy tale, noble, romantic, symbolic, and a secret treasure, precious with memories, meaning and the patina of time, locked away, hidden inside every tantalising family jewel box.

Jewels, they believe, reach out to us with their stories, their relationships, connecting past and present, worldly and otherworldly and celebrating love, family, friendship.

Now, together, these two Geneva-based jewel devotees, storytellers and creators, fuse their expertise and experience to unlock the jewel box, reimagining jewels that are ravishingly romantic, profoundly personal, masterfully crafted;

jewels with soul, jewels with a past, for the future: contemporary heirlooms for today’s new generation of jewellery lovers.